What's New?

Hello again penguins!
Today we're introducing an exciting new feature that gives you a whole new way to experience Club Penguin Chapter 2 - replay mode!
Replays allow you to record your gameplay and play it back, whether you want to capture yourself chatting, putting on a party, showing off your igloo, or to share tips and secrets with others!
To record a replay, all you need to do is click the ? icon on your toolbar:
And then click "Record a Replay" in the settings menu!
You can keep recording for as long as you'd like, and when you're finished, open up the menu again and click "Stop Recording". The file will be automatically downloaded.
To watch your replays back, go to this link or click "Replay Viewer" at the top of of the game's page. Then simply drag your replay file into the box and it will begin playing!
If you want to navigate through the replay, just click a point on the timeline at the bottom of the screen to go straight to it!
Join our Discord server to share your replay files, and to check out the replays that other people post!
Please note that this feature is not available on mobile devices, and when there is a new update to Club Penguin Chapter 2, your old replay files will no longer be valid. Be sure to watch and share them quickly!
We hope you enjoy this feature and please continue to let us know if you find any bugs or have suggestions for improvements!