What's New?

Hey penguins!
Welcome back to another Club Penguin Chapter 2 update! We apologise for the recent breaks in updates but we're happy to deliver some new content to you today.
First up: An Easter egg hunt has arrived on the island. Follow the clues and discover all the hidden Easter eggs to earn a special reward! We hope you have fun hunting them down.
We're also implementing some brand new features today, starting with the Fitting Room! As development for catalogs, especially those that need to be constantly updated, has proven to be difficult, we've decided to implement a new solution. Check out the Fitting Room and pick out your favorite outfits from the clothing items available.
The Fitting Room lets you easily view the variety each catalog has to offer.
We've extended the release of the current Stage play, A Humbug Holiday, to allow everyone to get some of the costumes. Check it out now!
Finally, we're introducing a new experimental feature that goes hand-in-hand with the Fitting Room: NPCs!
NPCs are stationed around the island with specific jobs, and they can be interacted with to access their unique collection of items. Over time, we plan for the functionality of NPCs to become more broad and more exciting.
NPCs can be easily distinguished by their green name glow.
As always, your feedback is important! Let us know on Discord what you think of some of these changes and we hope you enjoy spending your coins!